I have been trained in several treatment methods and have developed a therapeutic style that is always client driven.  Over the past years I have worked in several team-oriented settings as a consultant on multi-cultural issues and conflicts. I strive to help all of my clients attain a level of functioning that is sustainable and life changing.  I started off working in group homes and made my way up the social work system.  During this journey I saw a great gap between those in power and those in need of help. Sometimes that divide was language, others times it was cultural.  I ultimately decided I could do more if I sharpened my skills and enhanced my education.  At this time I now have the balance of experience and education paired with my desire to help those that have lost their voice and need help finding it.

         My areas of expertise include treating individuals and couples with relationship problems, as well as sexual dysfunctions. Emotional disconnects within the relationship can create problems inside the home that will ultimately bleed into problems outside the home such as work or school.  My expertise and experience in individual, marriage and family therapy provides my clients with unique solutions to their interpersonal and intimate relationship problems.