The therapists at Elite Biobehavioral are shifting the dynamics of therapy through our unique approach. We treat the whole person, recognizing that a single issue can color relationships with family, school, or work. We have tools to help you. We make you a priority. All of us have challenging times and sometimes we need a safe place where we can talk and be heard.Nervous about meeting a therapist? Don’t be. The principles of human connection and interaction are present during every interaction with you--just as if you were talking with an old friend on the front porch. The content and process is always grounded in what you need. Therapy should not feel rushed and not be guided by the clock.

Our Approach


Why Choose Elite Bio?

Dr. Malik S. Muhammad Ph.D.

Years ago, when I worked in group homes and inner city agencies (for children, troubled teens, and adults), I observed a gap between providers and those in need of help. Sometimes that divide was language; at others times it was cultural. This drove me to sharpen my skills and enhance my education. Beginning with a strong basis from a BA in Psychology at the United States International University (San Diego CA), I earned a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology at Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (Palo Alto CA) and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Palo Alto University. Eventually, I landed a Medical Psychology Internship at Duke University Medical Center (Durham NC) where I focused on three areas: pain management, weight loss via medical and behavioral modalities, and neurological assessment of patients with brain tumors.

This training broadened my expertise in various treatment modalities that shaped a  distinctive therapeutic style that is always client-driven. My experience in different team-oriented settings as a consultant on multicultural issues and conflicts enables me to assist clients in attaining a level of functioning that is sustainable and often life changing. And my continued interface as a consultant for a NC Charter school, providing mentoring to teachers and on-site observation, counseling, assessments, and evaluations, keeps me in touch with what 21st century children need.

Areas Of Expertise

My areas of expertise include treating individuals and couples with relationship problems, as well as sexual dysfunctions. Emotional disconnects within the relationship can create problems inside the home that will ultimately bleed into problems outside the home such as work or school.  My expertise and experience in individual, marriage and family therapy provides my clients with unique solutions to their interpersonal and intimate relationship problems.

Working With Couples On The Brink Of Divorce
Weight Management
Emotional Overeating
Developmental Testing
Reconnecting Relationships Emotionally And Sexually
Couples Counseling & Individual Therapy
Chronic Pain Management
PTSD Evaluations For Veterans

We Offer Virtual Evaluations
Dr. Muhammad works directly with medical providers to evaluate patients in a wide range of areas:

Pain Evaluation

Opioid Evaluation

Medication Management

Psychological Evaluation

Continued suitability

Pre-Surgical Evaluation 

Evaluations For Doctors

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